"jupiter aircraft" company

was established in 2014 by an engineer Stefan Raab, who has long worked in Germany for the Airbus Company.
The aircraft Jupiter-J4S was created by a team of German engineers under the direction of Stefan Raab, who set the task to create the worlds best 4-seater aircraft with the powerful new engine ROTAX 915iS. In order to reduce the cost of production, it was decided to arrange assembly of the aircraft in partnership with the KTD GROUP in Kanev, Ukraine. We have decided to replace expensive and often unnecessary avionics with a comfortable iPad PRO 12,9 inches with advanced software installed ForeFlight and Air Nav Pro, also arranged assembly in Ukraine and sales without intermediaries, dealers, we achieved prices several times lower than those of competitors. At the moment, the project is fully completed, and the first three aircraft Jupiter-J4S prepared for release at the end of 2019 will begin flight tests. Orders for delivery are accepted at the end of 2019. In the world there are many unique 4-seater aircraft such as the Cessna 172, 182, 400; Cirrus 20, SR22; Mooney Bravo; Piper Archer; Beech Bonanza; Socata Tobago, and nevertheless, even the closest in characteristics Diamond DA 40 4-seater aircraft; Pipestrel Panthera; Cetus 1000, RV-10; Dynaero MCR 4S; Flight Design C4; Tecnam P 2010 cannot match the efficiency of Jupiter J4S, primarily, thanks to its unique aerodynamic design and powerful, efficient engine Rotax 915iS. The cockpit is equipped with two Ipad Pro 12,9 with ForeFlight and Air Nav Pro the worlds best software, the central display 7 Dynon-120. In addition, an escape system, autopilot, valve control PC and an up-to-date device in small aircraft AOA, allowing unskilled pilots to make a safe landing on a small airfield are standard equipment. Exceptional safety for pilots and passengers is an integral part of the Jupiter Company policy. Therefore, Jupiter J4S is equipped with a ballistic parachute and fire-proof fuel tanks, as well as inertial coil holder and shoulder straps, which can lock during turbulence. The cockpit is equipped with heating system, and a landing gear sensor is installed. For additional protection, the cockpit is reinforced with carbon.
Technical characteristics of the Jupiter-J4S
Number of places
Rotax 915iS (135l.s.)
Fuel Type
3 blade, VAR Woodcomp
3 rack, retractable hydraulic
Wheels and Brakes
Maximum flight weight
820 kg
Empty weight
370 kg
The volume of fuel tanks
117 liters
Wing area
10,8 m2
9,6 m
Aircraft length
7,2 m
2,65 m
Fuselage width MAX
1,35 m
Cabin height
1,2 m
Cabin length MAX
3,0 m
Wing loading
80 kg / m2
Track chassis
2,15 m
Wheel size
450 mm
Luggage space
300 liters
Aerodynamic quality MAX
Cruising speed
275 km/h
Max Speed
310 km/h
Landing speed
75 km/h
Rate of climb
4,5 m/s
250 m
150 Meter

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