ktd group is an international company, which started its history in ukraine in 1996.

about us

Thanks to the effective business structure and to the products quality our company has been repeatedly awarded with the numerous prizes and cups.
For 20 years, the KTD Group managed to increase its products range and to open the offices in 13 different countries throughout the world.
Gratitude from the prime-minister of Ukraine
Gratitude from the mayor of Kiev, capital of Ukraine
Diploma from the Minister of Economics of Ukraine
Brand of the Year
Highest Standard
Favorite Mark
Impeccable reputation
Leader of the Branch
KTD GROUP is one of the biggest suppliers of the household appliances under different trade marks t the European market. For more than 20 years the household appliances of the KTD Groups brands have had stable demand of thousands of customers in more than 50 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa, such as Austria, Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine. Thanks to their high technical characteristics and to the consumers appreciation, our household appliances were repeatedly marked with the prestigious awards and prizes having received numerous titles such as: Leader of the Branch, Highest Standard, Favorite Mark. The activity of KTD Group is widely known in many countries of the Europe. The KTD Group has a big and well-established dealer network, as well as its own production. KTD groups portfolio includes a wide range of products with high technical characteristics at theaffordable prices. A well-timed updating of the model range, a fast improving of the design and quality control let the appliances of KTD Group take the rightful place at the markets among the competitors. With the powerful and constant endeavour of our team there are prospects on a serious increase of the production and sales of the household appliances throughout the Europe: KTD Group has recently started the complete reconstruction of a large factory in Cherkasy (170km from Kiev) with the area of approximately 60,000 square meters at the size of 200 000 square meters.

the pride of our company

KTD Groups facilities include the companys own headquarters building and warehouses.

Team work is our philosophy

friends of the company

Head office of
President of KTD Group with the Cherkassy region governor


Exhibition of Household Appliances in Moscow
International Zuchex Housewares, Gift & Electrical Appliances Fair
With Egyptian friends in the show-room
Exhibition of Household Appliances in Moscow

On November 1, 2018, the "Games of the Unbreaked" competition took place.

On Thursday, November 1, 2018, a solemn event took place with the participation of heads of regional federations of sports, sports school directors and heads of sports departments in the area of ​​the assembly hall of the regional specialized youth-children's sports school of the Olympic reserve of the Cherkasy Regional Council. and the winners and prize winners of the 3rd Summer Youth Olympic Games and the "bronze" prize winner of the International Sports Games "Unbreaked Games".

Ivan Tyshchenko (winner of the 3rd Summer Youth Olympic Rowing Games), Nazar Chepurny (winner and silver medalist of the III Summer Youth Olympic Games), Anastasia Derkach (participant of the III Summer Youth Olympic Games), Denis Fischuk ("bronze" prize winner of international Sports Games "Unbreaked Games") received the honorary titles "Pride of Cherkasy Region" for a significant personal contribution to raising the image of Cherkasy region in international competitions and gifts from patrons

Presents and decorations were handed by Yuriy Tkachenko, the head of Cherkasy regional state administration, his deputy Kostyantyn Omargaliev, the first deputy chairman of the Cherkasy regional council Valentin Tarasenko, the head of the department for family, youth and sports of Cherkasy regional state administration Maxim Zelensky and patrons. < /p>

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